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Hello World! by Diane Chubb

Updated: May 21, 2021

Hey May Days!

Local author, Diane Chubb will be reading her book Hello World! live over Zoom on Saturday May 29th and Sunday May 30th at 7pm.

Please register online here to secure your spot!

Diane Chubb is the author of Hello World!, inspired by her ever curious daughter, Taylor May. She has always had a passion for Children's Literacy, writing poetry and travelling. When she was 6 years old, her teacher, Ms. McCoach wrote in her report card, "Diane has a special interest in creative writing." Diane was born in Glasgow, Scotland and her family immigrated to Ladner in 1982. She now works as an Education Assistant in Burnaby. In 2011, while journaling, inspired by Julia Cameron's, "The Artists Way", she wrote – Clearing my head in the morning is creating a clear space to dream more vividly. I have always had a fascination with Children's Literature. Who's to say that I could create a children's story book. Now that would be an amazing experience...

In 2012, she created a vision board of what she wanted to accomplish in her life. One of those aspirations was to become an author. She even thought the title would be, "Her In Her Imagination".

Two years later, Taylor May was born. She took her daughter to the Ladner Library when she was only ten days old. While reading the book, "When My Baby Dreams", by Adele Enerson, she decided at that moment she was going to fulfill her dream of becoming an author.

Between nightly feeding she would write, while she lovingly gazed at her daughter sleeping and wondered about all the amazing places she might be travelling to in her imagination. Her daughter had these gorgeous little pjs with cupcakes on them and with her Scottish roots, where she always has the kettle on for a good cup of tea is how the idea of cupcake tea parties came to light. So with seven days of the week and seven continents, who would she meet along the way and at every great party there should be dancing, Hello World! took flight.

HELLO WORLD! is published with Big Heart Publishing Inc. and is Illustrated by Jaslyne Shaw, who has crafted several other children's books. Come join one little girl as she sets off to explore the seven continents in seven days meeting animal friends and having cupcake tea parties while dancing her way around the world.Bon Voyage! HELLO WORLD! has been turned into two Spring Concerts. In Celebration of the Arts, St. Joseph's School in Vancouver under the music talent of Monica Rumpel showcased each continent musically as well as artistically. At Stride Avenue Community School in Burnaby, under the musical direction of Marysia Bulanowski, the students performed, HELLO WORLD! THE MUSICAL, through song and dance.

As for what's next, Diane continues to love reading and writing and enjoys creating new stories with her daughter. Her hope is that HELLO WORLD! will inspire children all over the world to be creative in their imaginations.

"On our planet called Earth, there's much to explore. With endless places to visit, now let your imaginations soar. Bon Voyage!

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